Our story begins in 1989 when I was using a router to vein out a channel in a piece of furniture. I realized an idea.  I had been struggling to come up with an invention to show Ben Hogan ( because I knew he wouldn't be around forever) I had a jar of old marbles sitting by and started to roll them down the groove. My mind told me the same could be done with a golf ball had I wanted to put some time into the thought. I began with two pieces of light composite moulding and glued them together, then two pieces of wood for the prototypes. I have notarized documents from April 1990 to the Invention Submission Corporation with the drawings of " Precise Putt, or Precision Putt" . When I had the patent office do research for others with maybe similar ideas, nothing came up but two thin metal rods that formed a track. Nothing had referenced and I was as inquisitive, and calling often, researching myself and no one had invented a product using a stick like product or stick with a groove for a ball rolling down. Years later I would be disappointed seeing that someone had snuck in a patent ahead of mine, when all that time I was very diligent in asking questions to the patent office. I had papers sent to me of referenced inventors before me.  Not even a stick without a groove was shown. I never heard back from Invention Submission and then filed with the US Patent office around mid 1991. I heard back from them for nearly two years, saying I had left something out and when I sent it back, they gave me a filing date of 1993. About two years after I originally had sent it in back in 91. Years later about 1998, I noticed a company had a similar product in Golf Galaxy that they had filed for a patent in 1993. I was shocked, because all those years, I had paid attention to the patent office, the golf magazines, stores. Nothing.  I was the first, to come up with this whole idea of the principle of a ball on a flat surfaced object to putt off of. Only mine has a groove to guide the ball down the exact path and the hands will travel correctly. Many pros had gotten one over the years I handed out and they've used them in secrecy. You can ask. I'll bet I'm one of the most widely talked about on the golf circuits. We went to the Solheim cup this year. All the players had one, as I sent over 20. You saw the results, and I am still waiting to be credited with being a significant factor in the 2015 win.  No one but the players and I know the real story. As each year goes by, someone else seems to come up with a putting aid that works along the same principle as what came to my mind years 25 years ago. I knew one day it would catch one. I promised Ben Hogan, and I'm trying my hardest to make his wishes come true. 

                                              DO IT FOR BEN!